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Digital Photo Workshop

DPhotoWorkshop (Digital Photo Workshop) is absolutely free software. It allows you to make your photo much better with no cost. I have no enough time and money to develop the program faster.

Language: C#
More info: Digital Photo Workshop

Heapar Essential Library .NET

Heapar Essential Library allows you to create pretty and powerful user interfaces. The library consists of ActivePanel, Bevel, CategoryButtons, Resizer, HeaparGrid etc.

Language: C#
More info: Heapar Essential Library .NET

Delphi components

The package contains some Delphi components I have written while I have developed programs using Borland/Code Gear Delphi. The package consist of: FTP Socket, GammaPanel, CyDDBGrid.

Language: Delphi
More info: Delphi components

Skinable Vertical Menu

Skinable Vertical Menu source code is now available. A menu like interface for website navigational purpose. This is a freeware applet.

Language: Java
More info: Skinable Vertical Menu

Vertical Menu

Vertical Menu source code is now available. It is a menu like interface for website navigational purpose. This is a freeware applet.

Language: Java
More info: Vertical Menu

Open Pass

In most of applications, a password is displayed with asterisks as a user enters it. This is done to keep other people from seeing what is being entered. But what if you forget your password? How can you see the password hidden with asterisks. Open Pass will help you.

Language: C++
More info: Open Pass

CyD Snow

CyD Snow: A christmas gift from CyD Software Labs. Generates realistic looking snow falling over your picture. You can set a background picture yourself and specify the amount of snow and the wind turbulence. And best of all, it is totally free! Have fun!

Language: Java
More info: CyD Snow


A bevel is decoration control used to enhance the display of a form by adding a box, a frame or a line. In its uniqueness, although the bevel does not have much functionality but it valuable to make your forms better. Full source codes available.

Language: C#
More info: Bevel

CyD Database Modeler

CyD Database Modeler allows you to create tables without knowing and executing SQL commands. You can model your database in visual window and apply structure to your database. CyD Database Modeler supports Oracle and MySQL databases.

Language: Java
More info: CyD Database Modeler

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